Yannick Noah – Portrait

He turned France into a nation of tennis fans on June June 5, 1983 when he won his unforgettable victory on the red clay of Roland Garros. But he had already been a member of the Coq Sportif team for several years. Yannick Noah has been our roving ambassador for thirty years now, because he embodies the values of our brand. This gifted warrior, always true to himself, manages to transmit his passion and his deep feeling to everybody who crosses his path.

Fete Le Mur
Yannick Noah was raised in Cameroun at a time when the whole country had only eight tennis courts. If Arthur Ashe hadn't spotted him as a youngster, his fabled career might never have come about. France, by contrast, has 50,000 tennis, but they're not always in places where less fortunate kids can take advantage of them. So in 1996, Noah got the idea for his Fete le Mur foundation, which lets kids from poorer neighborhoods discover the game of tennis. From the beginning, Le coq sportif has thrown its support behind Noah's project. Fifteen years later, it's fair to say our gamble has paid off. The foundation backs over 25 tennis centers where nearly 3000 youngsters play every year.

Fête le mur

Our Idea of Sports
A training ground for life, the generator of well-being and vitality, a source of fun and fellow feeling, communication and cooperation--that's been our vision of what sport represents for a century and a half. These are still the values that guide the heroes we choose to join us on our journey. We chose them because they expend as much energy fighting for causes off the playing field as they do fighting for victory on it.