Smile c’est du sport – Video manifesto

Sport is a planet.
Where we all come to play.

It’s a bike. It’s a ball.
Yellow, orange, blue.

It goes boom when you kick it.
Bing when you ace it.
Clic clic when you ride it.
It is melody.

On burning asphalt.
On freshly cut grass.
In water.
On clay.
It is a playground.

Win or lose.
It’s you and your mates.
Nothing can beat that.
Everybody’s jumping.
Nothing else matters.
Let it all out: sweat, adrenalin, joy.

It is a game.

The most beautiful one.
Yellow jerseys.
Gold medals.
Trophies and titles.
Magic will happen.
Dreams will come true.

The sun is shining.
TV is watching.
Be proud. Have fun.
Make the world go mad.

Le Coq says “cheese”.

Smile, c’est du sport.