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le coq sportif

EROICA2014_19_WEBLCS TrainerLCS_POSTERFW14_RetroRunning_Legacy_11-800

Back on L’Eroica 2014

LCS Trainer

New model – LCS Trainer





This is the 5th consecutive year that le coq sportif has partnered the famous L’eroica, a unique amateur race which crosses Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. With four different routes adapted to varying ability levels, from 38 to 205 kilometres, L’Eroica speaks to all cycling lovers by offering them the possibility to explore the magnificence of the Tuscan landscape. Dressed in the attire of a…
Brand new for FW14 is the LCS Trainer. Weighing in at just 440 grams, this super-light, minimalist shoe is designed for versatility and variety. Open mesh & vents on the upper aid excellent breathability, built on a strong yet flexible midsole for increased comfort and endurance; the perfect partner for indoor training sessions or weekend walks. Available on SEE ALSO LE COQ SPORTIF RETRO RUNNING
Celebrating the latest installement of the Iconic Eclat sneaker (originally released in 1985), le coq sportif has created a sneaker-based social experiment entitled “The Solemate Project” as an antidote to the “soullessness” of modern internet dating. The tongue in cheek campaign sees pairs of le coq sportif Facebook fans invited into a store to claim a “prize”, unaware they will be part of a social experiment to connect them…
In the late 80’s and early 90’s, le coq sportif was producing running shoes and sport fleece designed for technical performance, style and comfort. The bold, colourful and geometric graphics that appeared on collections of the era became synonymous with a burgeoning east coast hip-hop fraternity, enthused by the comparative rarity of European sportswear and reflective of their own vivid artistry. For Fall / Winter 2014, le coq sportif…