Maillot jaune 2013

THE MAILLOT JAUNE 100th Tour de France

Le coq sportif, partner and official supplier of the
Tour de France, presents the 2013 Maill ot Jaune. This unique jersey is specially designed for the 100th year of the Tour.

The 2013 Maillot Jaune - a symbol of the world’s greatest bike race - brings innovation to the fore. The ever symbolic yellow of the jersey, even brighter this year, features a translucent « Moor’s Head » imprint on the body of the jersey. This is a first, in recognition of the island - Corsica - which is to host the Grand Départ of the 100th Tour de France on 29th June.
Another special feature of the 2013 race is the grand finish, which is to take place, for the first time, at night, inspiring le coq sportif to incorporate an array of reflective detail in the golden tunic.
The Maillot Jaune and the winner ofthe 2013 Tour de France will be like a spark in the night.

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Le coq sportif highlights the finest of sporting partnershipswith an original and purely French stamp, creating a Maillot Jaune with a new dimension. This year the Tour de France 100ème label uses reflective effect in contrast to the flocked le coq sportif logo. The fashionabl e and sporty flocking detail provides texture and is reminiscent of the striking past jerseys by the Frenchbrand.

The 2013 Maillot Jaune therefore draws on its rich heritage for an authentic design with a wide, flat-seamed collar, taking inspiration from the 1951 Tour jersey. The initials HD and reflective inscription paying tribute to Henri Desgrange, founder of the Tour de France, reads: «En 1903, Henri Desgrange créait le plus grand évènement sportif de tous les temps» («In 1903, Henri Desgrange created the greatest sporting event of all time»).

Designed using a mix of high-tech materials, the 2013 Maillot Jaune is extremely lightweight.

The jersey’s true anatomical fit, mimicking the cyclist’s body shape, ensures that it is genuinely aerodynamic. This is enhanced by transparent silicone bands at the waist and on the sleeves, which ensure the jersey stays in place and act as wind barriers. The elastane-mix sleeves, which are flexible and seamless, are also designed for the enhanced comfort of cyclists. They extend to just below the triceps, avoiding pressure points for improved blood flow in the arms.
Air circulation is achieved via the mid-length zip and two ventilation panels in the back, which include one ultra-breathable 3D mesh panel at the base of the nape and a further micro-aerated mesh panel across the back. Each of these elements regulates the cyclist’s body temperature based on weather conditions, thereby helping to limit energy loss. Finally, the jersey is manufactured using only flat non-irritating seams.
Le coq sportif has relied on its aptitude for innovative flair to provide the champions of the Tour de France with a daring mix of technology and style.

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