Frédéric Michalak

Frédéric Michalak – Portrait

He wanted to play soccer (football) but he grew up in Toulouse, the heart of rugby country. So naturally, he and his friends spent their days playing with an oval rugby ball. As it turns out, Michalak was born in exactly the right place. It was written in the stars that Michalak should play rugby. He's simply one of the best. Whether as a star on the Toulouse rugby team or playing for the French national squad, Michalak can turn an entire match around with one deft play. He's got the natural instinct, the work ethic and the team spirit that we love. And off the field, he channels his desire to give back into many projects.

Ses'Khona Rugby Club
In 2008, Frederic Michalak took a year off from his duties at Toulouse to spend a season playing for the Natal Sharks of Durban, South Africa's best rugby club. The team won the Currie Cup that year. On the side, Michalak spent some of his free time coaching the Ses'Khona Rugby Clup from the poor black township of Kwamashu. It was the first time a white player had volunteered to help the black community. He managed to convert more than a few soccer (football) fanatics into die-hard rugby fans. He didn't walk away when the year was up, either. Today, Michalak is the unofficial godfather of the Ses'Khona Rugby Clup, and Le Coq Sportif is right there with him. We furnish the uniforms and the equipment for all the kids on the club.

Ses'Khona Rugby Club

Our Idea of Sports
A training ground for life, the generator of well-being and vitality, a source of fun and fellow feeling, communication and cooperation--that's been our vision of what sport represents for a century and a half. These are still the values that guide the heroes we choose to join us on our journey. We chose them because they expend as much energy fighting for causes off the playing field as they do fighting for victory on it.