Cycling : Tour of Flandes 2017

For the first time in the history of the Tour de Flanders, last Sunday was celebrated in the bustling city of Antwerp the 101st edition, the "Flanders' Fines" in which our Team du Coq led by the former cyclist and ambassador of the brand Pedro Delgado and former cyclist Pedro Horrillo had the privilege of participating.
With very favorable weather conditions the team started heating up on Saturday riding the Muur Van de Ronde to glimpse what they would face, the dreaded pavé.
The Tour of Flanders Challenge, which took place in parallel with the official race, was completely normal for a route composed of 4 sections of plane pavé and 4 in wall, in which our team had the opportunity to successfully overcome some of the more emblematic points and of greater hardness of the itinerary as the famous stretch of Koppenberg.
















Credit photos > Bito Cels