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Smile c’est du sport – Video mani..

souriez c'est du sport-campagne-le coq sportif


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Manufacturing of the tennis outfit made for R..

gasquet-tenue-tennis-le coq sportif

The tennis outfit for Richard Gasquet is now ..

Sport is a planet. Where we all come to play. It’s a bike. It’s a ball. Yellow, orange, blue. It goes boom when you kick it. Bing when you ace it. Clic clic when you ride it. It is melody. On burning asphalt. On freshly cut grass. In water. On clay. It is a playground. Win or lose. It’s you and your mates. Nothing can beat that. Everybody’s jumping.…
It’s time to smile, smile for the ball hitting the post, smile for a let ball, smile for powering down the roadside, in the stands and on the field, smile when you win and even when you lose. Because any sports fan has felt these emotions that transcend and thrill. It’s time to smile for living in these moments and also for when we look back. This year you…
Envisioned and designed in le coq sportif’s Paris offices, Gasquet’s tennis outfits are exclusive to him and have been made in France at brand’s workshop in Romilly-sur-Seine. The fabric’s construction allows the sweat to be expelled providing optimum comfort in even the warmest conditions. This helps maintain a constant body temperature and prevents the fabric from sticking during physical activity. A thin border in blue, white and red is…
The outfit worn by Richard Gasquet at the Qatar Open in January is now on sale on our e-shop. Available on the e-shop Following the French label’s return to one of the world’s major sports events in 2012 as partner and official supplier of jerseys for the leaders of the Tour de France, this new collaboration proves the brand’s desire to once again become an internationally ranked supplier in…


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